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The Emergent Awareness that leads anyone or group forward is not derived from the past, but the present.  To find the present, mind yoga in a versatility of forms and styles is utilized.  This is no-nonsense coaching.

Awareness is a function of identity.

Awareness might be seen as habitual, customizable, or emergent.  Habits are self-explanatory - you on ego-driven auto-pilot.  Customizable are dreamy, wishful, external goal oriented, and typically insistent.  The Emergent Awareness is sublimating and harmonizing - a clear and unique path - yours - where relationships improve and worries pass you by, where rationality replaces fear.


Warning:  This content here might seem particularly difficult for the ego-oriented.  The ego is simply the belief that something can happen to you without your permission. Here, all is mental, meaning:  you and you alone are responsible for your thoughts and how you experience each moment.

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