Life is change. The notion of supporting personal and group change, therefore, is not relatively new. Approaches to providing that support however, while seemingly as numerous as it's many practitioners, can be grouped into three basic strategies. There are the behaviorists, the dominators, and then there's what we do: Corporate Facilitation.

Behaviorists and dominators essentially cajole/demand individual or organizational s...

What is a leader?  There are many answers, but let's start with the basics:  Can you laugh at yourself?

If "yes," "sometimes," "no," or "maybe," be clear that it is all about attitude.  Yes, your attitude.  Your attitude can encourage and enable or discourage and constrict.  The former fosters success, the latter strain.  The former is visionary, the latter myopic.  So, what's your attitude as a leader?


Will you Trust? Trust in what you might ask. The trust about which I speak here has absolutely nothing to do with your past stories or future worries or your self-assessment of your own seeming power. The trust I speak of has everything to do with NOW void of those other ideas. 

So, speaking in plain English: Do you trust that you are surrounded by talent? Do you trust that you are in the midst of the answers to the apparent c...

Leaders maintain an open stance at all times.  This means that they fully grasp the concept of illusions, the resulting delusional thinking and quietly discipline their minds past these ideas if they appear in their scene.

Q:  How does this idea relate to the business world?
A:  Delusional thinking causes tension, confusion and conflict and that reduces productivity, creativity, trust, and a sense of team and commitment.

A l...

The concept of "value" is nearly always at the root of most individual or organizational conflict, but why?  

Because whatever it is, "value" seems to fluctuate constantly no matter where, when, why, how or upon whom it is seemingly applied. Many seem to intensely invest in defining what the variable idea "value" means.  And, insistence on establishing a fixed meaning for an inherently variable concept is a key source of indi...

Relationships are the foundation of achievement.  And, because an inherent co-dependency always exists among humans, it is important for leaders and individual contributors to understand how to work well together.  

To achieve success, defined as either a process or an outcome,  knowledge and potential are necessary ingredients.  How then are relationships imbued with knowledge and potentiated for achievement?...

Organizational learning is a constant and cannot be made to happen.  That means learning is always happening.  How or what an organization learns however might be chosen.  Organizations have either a propensity for fluid (flexible) or stunted learning styles.  Most exist somewhere along a spectrum bound by these two styles.  Every organization and the related learning style is a reflection of each stakeholder's perception....

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